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Icons of the Southwest Linocut - in partnership with Scottsdale Artists’ School

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Join contemporary southwest artist Joseph Wolves Kill in this printmaking workshop, Linocut Landscape. Linocut is a diverse and flexible medium that can range from graphic, single-color designs to subtle and complex interpretations. Using the tools and techniques of this traditional printmaking method, the instructor will guide you through the creative and design process, carving away the areas of linoleum that are not to be printed, and detailing the areas that will be printed. You will then learn how to ink the lino plate, prepare the paper, and transfer the inked image to the paper, creating a dramatic picture that can be reproduced over and over again. From novices to amateur printmakers who want to meet other kindred spirits, this workshop is for you. Participants will be able to take home multiple prints.

Saturday, April 21, 2018 | 9:30 - 11:30am | $75/person


For more information on this class, please call 602.955.8614

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