Hermosa Inn Blog

Welcome to a “Spirited” Paradise

Oct 01, 2018

We at the Hermosa are proud of our founder and original owner Alonzo “Lon” Megargee, and are especially pleased as it seems he is still with us. An artist whose art studio and residence has since become the Last Drop, Lon is still around, by many accounts, and often likes to make his presence known to both staff and guests. Reports of doors closing on their own at the guest casitas, candles falling out of their holders, and other objects moving themselves, along with a bottle of tequila flying off the shelf and breaking glassware, are common enough so that the staff often joke, “Lon did it!”

Other spirits seem to feel at home here as well: there are numerous sightings of a lady in a long, pink gown that walks over the bridge by the pool late in the evenings or early mornings. Children from a long-ago era have been spotted playing in the parking lot around 2:00 a.m., and there are recurrent reports of a non-existent “night watchman” leaving room 107. For more “spirited” information, call us at (844) 423-3981.

Thank You