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Take A Whimsical Tour of Cosanti

Jul 06, 2020

Located right here in Paradise Valley, the home and studio of late architect and designer Paolo Soleri is a zen-inspired nature and arts compound that features the artist’s famous Soleri Wind Bells along with garden walkways, artist studios, performance spaces, a gift shop, and other and environmentally-friendly structures. Soleri began working on Cosanti during the 1950s and its since been designated as an Arizona Historic Site, showcasing the artists’ innovative construction and unique design execution.

“Cosanti” comes from the Italian terms “cosa” and “anti,” which together mean “against things,” reflecting Soleri’s aversion to materialism. His respect for the beauty of simplicity can be seen in the bronze and ceramic wind-bells displayed throughout Cosanti’s grounds. For additional information about visiting this historic site during your stay in Arizona, please visit Cosanti online.